Feature Song | Little Monarch | Full Release

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

LA-based indie pop band, Little Monarch made sure that no time is wasted, as they released a sunny track called “Full Release” right after finishing their tour with electro act, Penguin Prison. “Full Release” is what glitter would sound like if it had a sound: it trickles and glistens in shiny dots that will leave traces for days.

The track has all the uplifting qualities that makes it a potential emotional bookmark that will remind you of the happier moments. Aside from being an easy listen, the song showcases the versatility of the band, and its evident that they come from different musical backgrounds that melded into a certain vibe.

“’Full Release’ was a true collaboration for us, where everyone came together and brought a different piece of the song to the equation. The verse and the chorus, like bodies intertwining and becoming one, don’t necessarily need each other to exist… but they just feel right lying next to each other. This song attempts to capture those moments of bliss, when you’re in deep with someone who just lights you up. It’s happy, sexy underneath, and might be wearing a denim on denim outfit,” said the band.

Little Monarch is set to release their second EP this summer.

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