Feature Song | Lev Snowe | Could Be

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Escape into the dreamy sound of our new favorite indie band, Lev Snowe, with “Could Be.”

Lev Snowe mixes dream pop, shoegaze, electronic, and indie psych pop one soft multi-layered marshmallow roll of a Lo Fi song. It’s calming, easy, and such a breeze to listen to. We can’t get enough of the cascading guitars on the hook, and the vocals floats us to a higher state.

The indie act from Winnipeg reminds us of Homeshake, but with an even milder attack on a soft kind of psychedelic tone. It’s easy to lull and daydream with the kind of music Lev Snowe makes, and this is why it has become one of our recent favorites.

The best thing about this song: it makes us imagine we’re on a high school dance floor during a slow dance.

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