Feature Song | Kitchenette | Upon The Shoulders

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

If you’ve always wanted to live young, wild, and free, let Kitchenette’s “Upon The Shoulders” bring you to that escape.

Sounding like your teens if it had a soundtrack, “Upon The Shoulders” from Dutch indie band, Kitchenette is a vibrant, indie jam that has a steady beat with standout guitars and calming vocal wails. What makes this song so special is the music video of free spirited best friends on a road trip to the countryside, and each carefree moment is so inviting that it makes us want to be in that car with them.

Going back to the song, the lyrics are even more appealing, and it tells the story of wanderlust and being a nomad. “Let’s break with this tradition/ This pleasant feeling, this foot on my back/ Portraits in the hall imitate no one/ There’s no house that I can call home.”


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