Feature Song | Kinck | Blind Spot

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

UK r&b singer, Kinck, makes a soft debut with “Blind Spot,” with jazzy undertones and a lot of potential.

While we don’t usually post r&b tunes, this one caught our attention because of its dark vibe and complex simplicity. It’s a straightforward song with a lulling effect that’s perfect for a short trip to a sedated corner of the mind (and heart). The video focuses mainly on the Danish/Senegalese singer, with her sharp-yet-soft presence piercing the screen in a hypnotic way.

“I wrote Blind Spot as the last step in healing after a destructive relationship. I was in a place where I could feel a change coming and my music was moving in a new direction. I just had this last wound that I needed to heal,” said the singer.

“What I had learned was to trust my instincts when it comes to love. I think when a relationship ends badly, we all question ourselves. For me, Blind Spot is my goodbye to that naive part of myself.”


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