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One-man electro music army, Trent Prall a.k.a. Kainalu presents a psychedelic chill wave anthem with “Love Nebula.”

If there’s anything that Tori Y Moi and Washed Out have proven, it’s that chill wave is here to stay. Kainalu, the electronic side project of musician Trent Prall, has a similar sound with his song, especially with “Love Nebula,” and it’s definitely worthy of a listen.

Labeled as “Hawaii Fi,” another sub-genre that’s probably made-up but makes sense, “Love Nebula” is filled with tropical lounge music elements, and could very well be heard blasting from the speakers of a hip beach resort. It’s atmospheric with hushed, layered vocals, floppy bass, and gentle strums are all over, and it almost forces you to grab that party shirt or put a flower behind your ear.

Kainalu’s full-length album, “Bloom Lagoon,” was released on YouTube 3 days ago, and you can listen to it here. It’s promising and easy to listen to, and like what “Love Nebula” suggests,  it’s perfect for lounge listening, or as a party warmer.

Listen to Love Nebula below:


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