Feature Song | Kai Straw | The Recipe

– by Camille Banzon, Music Editor –

Get ready for the puns: Kai Staw’s new track, “The Recipe” almost has all the right ingredients for a tasteful ride.

Coming from the indie singer’s upcoming album, ”Gun,” The Recipe is an upbeat number with sing-songy pop sensibilities. You can almost imagine this song being featured in a stylish summer ad filled with gorgeous, trendy ladies walking on a sunny street as men try to get their attention. The song has the right kind of energy to keep you up in an active mood without compromising its best qualities.

(“Recipe” is produced by James The Bear for San Francisco’s Tenth Gate Records. Just because we got curious: a quick Google search of the producer’s alias immediately shows his Facebook page, followed by an unfortunate image of James Hetfield hunting down a massive brown bear. Thankfully, the man is not James Hetfiled, but is actually Doug Giles who share a striking resemblance with the Metallica front man. Just thought we’d put it out there.)

Going back to the song, Recipe has the ability shoot itself straight to the charts because most listeners can appreciate this tasteful, simple, and playful arrangement without focusing too much on weird, avant garde-esque effects. It’s an easy listen, not to mention that Straw’s voice kind of grows into you like a new friend you’d be interested to hear more from.

Listen to The Recipe below:

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