Feature Song | Jorja Smith X Preditah | On My Mind


– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Imagine Aaliyah’s dance swag and Amy Winehouse’s vocal tone, and you’ll get a kind of divine resurrection in the form of Jorja Smith’s “On My Mind.”

Decked in 90’s fashion and steeze, Jorja Smith and her squad of ladies act more than just eye candy in the music video. Jorja’s vocals could be the most triumphant element of the entire thing, and alongside Preditah’s sleek oldschool electro beats, the track proves to be divine.

The whole video is amusing to watch as well. It’s as if we were teleported to the coolest hip-hop house party that we could never be invited to, being the punk kids that we are. The vibe is so chilled out and easy, and with those blunts rolling around we’re sure we’ll have a great time there.

While we’re used to featuring songs on the indie rock realm, it doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate other genres. This one right here is a pure gem, and we’re glad that the oldschool R&B and electro flair is alive and well with this track.



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