Feature Song | Jaguar Purrs | Losing Focus

– by Camille Banzon, Music Editor –

Electropop is one of the genres that never really go out of style. It comes in different shapes, transformations, seasonal peculiarities, and it’s continually celebrated everywhere. Since it’s experimental by roots and nature, what sounds good doesn’t really rely on how minimal or technical the production is. As long as it’s quirky and can trip you out, then it’s a good one.

Upon hearing “Losing Focus” by Jaguar Purrs, I instantly gravitated towards the whirring guitars, faint dabs of the synth pad, and hints of new wave. The lulling arrangement and echoing vocals of the Atlanta-based act (whose real name is Jordan Parker) is triumphant in giving an atmospheric gem that celebrates electropop’s timelessness in a sedated, balmy manner. The title itself directs the listener, as if hearing the sonic equivalent of looking through a camera lens that suddenly goes blurry—and then shows clarity again.

The song is included in Jaguar Purrs’ debut three-track EP called “Future Visions.”

Listen to “Losing Focus” here.

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