Feature Song | Jacky Boy | Lease Year

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

“Lease Year” by Indiana-based pop punk trio, Jackie Boy reminds us of that time in high school when we wore band shirts, dyed our hair with ridiculous shades of pastel and had piercings in our faces.

Don’t get us wrong, “Lease Year” is not the usual emo-driven song, but it has the stylings and the characteristics of a nostalgic pop-punk/ alternative track that brings out memories of an eventful, punk-fueled adolescence and good times. Our favorite element of the song is the fancy drum work, and it’s something that could totally make us form an instant mosh pit. Aside from the drums, there’s actually so many great things about the song: the lyrics are telling, the guitars are hypnotic, and the overall vibe is refreshing..

The track is included in the band’s freshly released album, “On Good Terms With Everyone You Know,” from Darling Recordings.



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