Feature Song | Indian Wells | It’s Where the World Ends

If this is what it sounds like at the end of the world, we’re ready for that apocalypse party.

Today started off like any other day: I made coffee, checked the weather, and then settled on my desk to work. I opened my e-mail account to see usual work mails, listened to some EPs, and then decided to check my spam folder. In it, I saw a message from “Indian Wells” about a song called “It’s Where the World ends,” and I wondered why it landed on my spam page (maybe my spam inbox is the end of the world? Who knows?). I listened to it, and immediately clicked “not spam.” If my mailbox had a “hella lit” button, that’s the one I’d click.

Prolific Italian electro act, Indian Wells, brings a quirky mockery (is it?) to electro by coining his genre “tennistronic,” with names such as Andrè Agassi, Steffi Graf, and Martina Navratilova written on the band members section. We’re not sure why the musician named himself after the place where the sport is held. Tennis is a cool sport, but this kind of overcharged-yet-liquid electro sound is way cooler in our books.

The synths, arpeggios, and textures are almost intoxicating; leaving us to imagine the kind of lit party it must be where the world ends. It reminds us of the workings of RÜFÜS’ “Innerbloom,” only more brisk, complex, and vigorous, as if becoming the result if the song drank Red Bull.

The LP will be out September 8, and the musician even sent a trippy GIF of the LP to further pique our curiosities and show that the end of the world might have a collection of vibrant paint splatters (Haruki Murakami could agree). You can pre-order here.

Listen to “It’s Where The World Ends” here.


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