Feature Song | Harmless | Swing Lynn


– By The Violet Wave Staff –

“Swing Lynn” by Los Angeles-based act, Harmless, is a dreampop lover’s dream. Its simple riffs stand out and trickle trough the song, giving the ears a soft-yet-lively touch.

With the simple riffs come an attractive collection of drums and thumps, giving “Swing Lynn” its colorful, feathery character. The singing is soft and subdued, but has enough tone to deliver a sweet tale. The fast thumps suggest a deep new wave influence on Harmless, and the guitars give off an eclectic, tropical feel, as if getting mildly jolted by a strong sensation during a calm moment.

Formerly known as Twin Cabins, Harmless, creates gentle tunes, all showcased in his EP called “I’m Sure.”

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