Feature Song | The Hails | Parking Lot

Amidst the usual cacophony of complex sounds, layered notes, and overlapping riffs, there are some days when you just need a light, easy listen. Something simple and yet compelling; and has substance without compromising the value of a well-composed track.

This description just might fit “Parking Lot,” a radio friendly tune from the 5-piece band from Gainesville, Florida. It’s the kind of song that could be heard in an episode of The O.C. or Friday Night Lights. It’s almost like a guilty pleasure, with less guilt.

Listen to “Parking Lot” below.


Camille Banzon is the music editor of The Violet Wave. After years of covering music festivals, concerts and reviewing albums, she decided to move to a tropical surf island, where she runs a hostel and lives off of coconuts, bikinis, and streaming. Her work on music writing can be seen in FHM Philippines, Pacifiqa, Coconuts Manila, 8list, and Amplify.ph. She likes groovy basslines, clean waves, and stinky cheese.

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