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Grizzly Bear sits back on their throne with “Neighbors,” the fourth release from their upcoming album “Painted Ruins.”

Neighbors, a beautifully intricate song with the band’s signature lucid guitar work, is a strong-yet-delicate reminder that the members of Grizzly Bear are seasoned masters at what they do, and that is to stun their listeners and leave them breathless with a radiant kind of sound.

Almost five minutes long, the track is a relaxed caravan of sound, as if the guitars, the frenetic drum work, and Ed Roste’s voice cradle the listeners to a happy hunting ground. It showcases the band’s signature sound: pleasingly dramatic, soft, and complex at the same time.

Pre-order the anticipated album, due for a release on August 18.

Listen to “Neighbors” below, and watch the stunning video while you’re at it:


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