Feature Song | Glass Museum | Opening

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Loving electro jazz, as a genre, is like picking out seasonal fruit. There could be heaps available at a given time, but it’s extremely hard to come across high quality pieces of produce. But once you’ve found what you’re looking for, you’re willing to design your life around it.

It’s one of our favorite genres, and we’ve come across many groups that we fell in love with over the years. Glass Museum could be potentially one of them, but it’s hard to draw a conclusion yet, considering that we haven’t heard much.

“Opening” is the first (ever) single of Glass Museum, and it’s a slow, dramatic take on dark jazz with breakbeats. When we got this song in our inbox, we thought it was an invite for a gallery or a museum opening involving some glasswork. While the title of the track and the band’s name got us confused, it made up for the sound that unfolded.

Antoine Flipo on Piano and Martin Grégoire on drums make up Glass Museum, an electro-jazz duo from Belgium creating intricately delicate tracks that will either stun you or make you yearn for more.

The goal of the duo is to release a single every month, with a remix by various artists to serve as accompaniment. For this release, Belgian electro artist, DC Salas, gave the track a club-friendly spin. It’s amusing to hear the track in both forms, and it’s like seeing (or hearing) a dark and mysterious person shift into a colorful, flamboyant character.

The duo is set to release an album called “DEUX” on May 2018, and it could include all the singles that will be released from now on. We’re pretty excited for the duo’s next track, but until then, we’re satisfied with “Opening” to warm our cold rainy nights.

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