Feature Song | Geowulf | Hideaway

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Summer dresses, Hawaiian shirts, flip flops and a cold fruity cocktail. All these things come to mind when we listen to Geowulf’s “Hideaway,” and it’s giving us serious vacation rock vibes that makes us want to drop our responsibilities and go on a holiday.

Geowolf is made up of childhood friends Star Kendrick and Toma Banjanin, who grew up in the Sunshine Coast. Since forming the band, the duo has been split between locations (Star in Sweden, while Toma in London) but Star has been trying to permanently make it to London to focus on the band.

Going back to the song, “Hideaway” has a pretty interesting history, being that half of the band disliked it from the get-go.

“It was a pristine pop song and I personally didn’t like it,” said Toma, who then changed his mind when the pair broke it down and gave it a cool-sounding beach rock feel. It’s the kind of song that can easily be heard in a well-curated summer playlist, or in a surf video edit with a tropical and sunny backdrop.

“Hideaway is a favorite in our live set. The song is about feeling like you’ve been completely transparent with someone only to realize they haven’t truly let you in,” said Star, in a release sent to The Violet Wave.

The track is included in the band’s album, “Great Big Blue,” to be released on February 2018 via 37 Adventures.

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