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We always get excited when we hear about emerging neo-psychedelic acts sprawl from all sides of the world, and the feeling remained when fate brought Full Moon Fiasco to our inbox.

Hailing from New Zealand and based in Berlin, Germany, Full Moon Fiasco presents a sparkly, otherworldly trip with their song, “Diamond Dancer.”

Aside from the culture behind it, the beauty of psychedelic rock as a genre is its unyielding ability to take listeners to a totally different realm, far away from the status quo. It presents a fascinating glimpse of the how the pioneers did it in the 60’s; and the styles, while ever-evolving, all sound similar and purely respectful to its roots. Reminiscent of old school Brian Jonestown Massacre, “Diamond Dancer” is an atmospheric clump of smooth minutes dancing on soft strums, wall of echoing synths and laser beams (we’re serious). Simply put: it’s spellbinding.

The band is set to release their next single, “Sight Unseen, My Pixie Queen” on August 18, with a video directed by VHS specialist, Shane McKenzie, so expect some downbeat trippy stuff. The band’s album, “Summer Eyes,” is set for an early September release under Fantasy Fiction Records, who promotes artists with “surrealist music.” They had us at surrealist music.

Turn off the lights, listen to “Diamond Dancer” below and trip out on the video while you’re at it. If the ears can hallucinate, it will see (and hear) a Diamond Dancer.

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