Feature Song | FRASE | The Weight ft. Sickflip

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

The thing that we love most about chill electro jams is the versatility it has to take you places that are physically unreachable. “The Weight” by FRASE gives us this feeling, and we’re in a musical limbo of sorts.

FRASE’s “The Weight” is a dreamy electro tune about a “man who looks back at his past relationships and feels the burden of remorse about he has treated women.” While bobbing our heads and floating to this song, it sort of felt comforting to know that even if this dude acted like a *tool,* at least he feels sorry about it. Even better, it’s actually a good song that came out of all the experiences.

Talking about the production of the song, FRASE mentioned the instant connection between his music and a local producer, Sickflip, from Mumbai.

“The lyrics for this song had been circling in my head for a while before I had the chance to record it. While touring in India in 2014, I met with a local producer based in Mumbai called Sickflip. We got together at his studio with the intention of working on a track together and I showed him my ideas for “The Weight” on the piano. He knew immediately it was the track he wanted to collaborate on,” said FRASE, in a release sent to The Violet Wave.

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