Feature Song | Firstworld | Easy Access

– by The Violet Wave Staff –

Chill wave has always been our kryptonite. No matter how much we say that we’re going to try and feature more of other genres, we always seem to be drawn into this relaxed sub-genre of synth pop and new wave, especially when we hear songs like “Easy Access.” No shame though.

Firstworld is the name that producer and songwriter Kris Alvarez goes by when he wants to create beautiful, lofi tracks, such as “Easy Access.” Based in bustling Miami, Firstworld’s music truly gives off blinding effect: it’s shiny, upbeat, and comes in flashes. The track has multiple ups and downs, all in different paces to give more drama and edge to its escalation. We’re particularly drawn to the last minute, when it gets whirry, as if it’s an effect of sniffing nitrate.

If this is what being in first world sounds like, then we’d like to stay here for a while.

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