Feature Song | Everett Bird | Bucket of Dark Meat

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Montreal-based psych rock band, Everett Meat presents a jolting, trippy track with “Bucket of Dark Meat.”

According to the band, “Bucket of Dark Meat” is “about that feeling of anxiety that takes over when it seems like everyone is being more productive than you. On the other end, it’s a song about suppressing that feeling with things that make you happy.”

The song sounds like a cross between Tame Impala and a stew of garage punk rock bands. The guitars are piercing and the bass follows along to set the tone. The track is included in the band’s upcoming album, “People Person” which is set for a release later this month.

“The album we created meshes rock, jazz, and R&B, with overtones of punk and garage – pairs well with liquor and a bucket of dark meat in the park,” said the band.

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