Feature Song | Ellie Schmidly | One More Wave

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

With layers and layers of featherlike sound and textures, Ellie Schmidly’s “One More Wave” is the song equivalent of watching a ballerina move gracefully to your emotions.

Nashville’s Ellie Schmidly is swoon-worthy because of many reasons, but mainly because of her soft voice that will remind you of days when you let your mind drift off as you’re buried beneath your sheets. The Nashville-bred singer and songwriter stuns in such a delicate manner

“Can’t ride a wave forever…” mindfully sings Schmidly in the opening of the song, stating a sentiment when you are in a situation that you obviously don’t want to end. The layered textures of the track remind us of a softer version of Patrick Watson’s music, only with an equally endearing female voice. “One More Wave” is included in the singer’s debut EP, “Blossom & Bone.”

“We don’t want this to end, even the ocean must sleep.”

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