Feature Song | ELLEH | Ghost

– by The Violet Wave Staff-

We don’t usually post disco tunes, but when we do, you can count on that it falls on some sub-genre that initially made us go, “wait, what?”

Our Song of the Day, “Ghost” is from Tokyo based “sad boy disco” duo, ELLEH, and it has 80’s pop vocals and new wave elements, as well as modern house vibes. For sure, it’s something you can dance to, depending how sloshed (or sad) you are at the club.

The duo lists artists like Bowie, Dirty Projectors, Prince, and Giorgo Moroder as their influences, and it’s evident in their sound. The song is from the duo’s upcoming release, “Anthems EP Pt II.”

Upon reading “sad boy disco” we immediately thought, is it emo and disco? Or disco tunes with very sad lyrics? You be the judge.

Listen to “Ghost” here.

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