Song of the Day | El Ten Eleven (feat. Emile Mosseri) | Unusable Love

Los Angeles post-rock duo, El Ten Eleven, teams up with The Dig’s Emile Mosseri for “Unusable Love,” an aerial number that’s not only surprising, but satisfying too.

We say it’s surprising because El Ten Eleven is known for layered and stammering doublenecked instrumental wonders, and it’s refreshing to hear vocals over the duo’s usually playful instrumentalism.

Mosseri gave justice to this transition, with somber, versatile vocals that will lull listeners into a haze, with even high pitched punctuations towards the end. The song proved to be a hypnotic dialogue between ETE and Mosseri, and the idea of a collaboration with Mosseri was something that the band has been gunning for.

“… something just drew me to Emile. We sent over a few instrumental tracks for [him] to chew on. He sent back a rough demo of what would eventually become the track ‘Delicate Friend.’ We were blown away and it was on from there! It’s really exactly what we wanted.. We were pushed out of our comfort zone a bit and I think it was really good for both of us,” said Kristian Dunn, bassist of ETE, as reported by Roll Call Records.

Unusable Love is the title track from El Ten Eleven’s first collaboration EP, with a release set for August 18. Now that’s something we’re really excited about.

Check out this glorious song from El Ten Eleven below.


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