Feature Song | Desta French | Shame

What we love about soul is that it transcends the sexiest kinds of emotions, feelings, memories, and all those fuzzy things we associate with it. Desta French is the latest soul and r&b singer we’re crushing on, and her performance of her hit, “Shame,” on Colors Berlin is our Song of the Day.

London based songstress, Desta French, is the kind of woman you would not think twice to fall for. Her voice is raspy and soft at the same time, and she’s got the looks: long, curly locks and street style and a doll face. Her song, Shame, is a smooth number that could please anyone. It brings a versatile r&b, soulful vibe that can easily be appreciated. And when she performed it on Colors Berlin, one of our favorite outlets of live music, we just had to share it.

Listen and watch below.

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