Feature Song | Deepshade | Let The City


– By The Violet Wave Staff  –

Deepshade lets us in a dark, gritty approach to psychedelic rock with their track called “Let The City.”

Almost sounding like it should belong to a stoner rock version of Guitar Hero, Deep Shade’s “Let The City” is a raw and pungent slice of guitar-driven psych rock. It’s the kind of song that will make you want to sweat inside a cramped up punk club. It’s the kind of song that will keep you stomping even after it is done.

The Manchester-based alt-rock trio will release their second album on the summer of 2018, and you bet your acid washed pants that “Let The City” will be in it. Deepshade has been composing stoner rock tracks since the band’s birth in 2013, with their debut “Everything Popular Is Wrong” gaining public acclaim. Familiar and new listeners of this band can expect more intense and wide sonic explorations, and “Let The City” is a good preview of what we can expect from them.

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