Feature Song | Deanna Petcoff | Terribly True

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

After her band, Pins and Needles split ways, it was only natural for Deanna Petcoff to pursue her solo career. The singer that carries the soulful tone of the 60’s emerges as a strong female voice with her single, “Terribly True,” and it has a meaning that may seem “too real” for some confused lovers out there.

“’Terribly True’ was inspired when I realized that it wasn’t the person I was seeing who I was in love with –  it was the idea of being in love itself. I was trying so hard to make them happy that I forgot to check in with myself and my truth,” shares Petcoff.

“I would trust my instincts, but they lie to me like I lie to you,” sings the singer from Ontario in the painfully honest track. Aside from the lyricism, we’re enthralled with her overall tone. It’s soulful, lush, full, and acts as a calming break amongst all the teeny boppy thin vocals that we hear a lot these days. Also, the musicianship and the arrangement give the right amount of forlorn dazzle without being too melodramatic.

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