Feature Song | Deafheaven | Honeycomb

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

The purveyors of Black Gaze has returned with a new single called “Honeycomb,” and it’s approximately three hundred feathers lighter than their usual Black Gaze-centric sound.

While some of their die-hard fans (including our music editor) think that this new song leans toward on the softer, post rock-ish side, “Honeycomb” still very much holds Deafheaven’s signature sound: heavy and mesmerizing at the same time. The 12-minute song is an epic woven blanket dizzying layered riffs, and hard drumming that you can wrap around your wounded self. The song changes its pace many times, and this is why it becomes a black metal-post punk musical rollercoaster that we can’t get out of.

The music video is a montage of grainy clips from the band’s home turf (San Francisco), and it shows members of the band sightseeing, chilling near the Golden Gate Bridge, holding puppies (for real, just because Deafheaven is black metal, it doesn’t mean they don’t like puppies), and skating (and possibly even surfing—the clip of the surf doesn’t really show the face of the surfer). These are the kind of images we don’t really associate with Deafheaven, and it’s refreshing to see that the members can also take it easy and embrace the easier things in life while they push on such an impressive form of innovation with heavy music.


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