Song of the Day | David Pollack | Windy City

With 90’s rock sensibilities, New Yorker David Pollack whips up a dynamic summer anthem in “Windy City.”

Some songs just build pictures in your head, and David Pollack’s “Windy City,” is almost like a movie on its own. It’s the kind of song that you imagine hearing in Friends, or in a Rom-Com based in New York. Pollack serves a soulful vocal prowess, and the singer/songwriter/ guitarist showcases his talent in a catchy music arrangement.

When asked about where he drew inspiration for the song, Pollack recalls a specific helpless moment:

“It was raining. It was windy. It was my first day in Chicago and I was stuck in my friends Air Bnb. Out of restless pent up frustration, the song Windy City came out. A song of yearning for wanderlust that seems unattainable at the moment. A summer buried in winter. The keys to the whip with no driver’s license,” said Pollack, basically saying that the song is a product of being trapped in your friend’s house while the weather’s crazy.

Kudos to him though, we’d probably just bust out Cheetos and listen to our rainy days playlists, or watch rock documentaries if we find ourselves in that situation.

Listen to “Windy City” below:


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