Feature Song | Danke Shane x Sled Ellis | Homebody

– By The Violet Wave Staff –


It’s a weekend night, and all your pals are either already drunk due to day drinking, or texting you what your plans are. A small part of you wants to rummage your closet for a weekend party attire, but a bigger part of you just wants to sink yourself on a beanbag and chill by yourself all night.

“Homebody” by Danke Shane and Sled Ellis is the soundtrack for these kinds of moments. It’s laid back and chilled out, and it has all the qualities of a lazy night in. Danke Shane, who we interviewed a while back, mentioned that this new track called “Homebody” mirrors the EP he just released.

“It’s a fairly similar vibe to EP I did, but Sled Ellis (aka Jack Grabow) is the lead vocalist so he brings a real Beach Boys-y/Panda Bear-y vibe to it,” said Danke Shane.

The track also makes us imagine a cold, snowy evening with a warm cup of spiked chocolate nesting between our palms, as we rub our feet together inside wool socks. It’s almost Christmas, and this track will make you slide right in to those calm holiday nights.

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