Feature Song | Dakota | Silver Tongue

– by Camille Banzon, Music Editor –

If you’re into the ireful (but soothing) sensibilities of Warpaint and Metric, then you’ll definitely dig this new song called “Silver Tongue” from talented Dutch act, Dakota.

With its lyrics, Silver Tongue presents a strong lesson in feminism. Not only that, but it teaches one to be a full blown, bad ass human being. It brings all the heavy feelings gathered from those who impose negativity and wring it into something inspiring. It’s a powerful display of girl power that’s driven from a dark place that we all go through, and it’s a beautiful thing to listen to. It’s almost like the song is egging listeners to keep the eye on the prize, no matter how much the haters try to bring you down.

Hazy with a garage feel, Silver Tongue is an electrifying-yet-soft take on the trendy California alterna dream pop. Trickling guitars rain on a moderate drum rhythm, topped off with vocalist and bassist Lana Kooper’s lush tone. With raving reviews from the likes of Nylon and Noisey, this all-girl Dutch quartet is definitely a group to watch out for.

Listen to Silver Tongue, from Manimal Vinyl Records, here:


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