Feature Song | CU Again | Adrian Underhill

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

If you’re feeling rough, let this ultra smooth track from Adrian Underhill called “CU Again” sort you out.

Like a sip of a refreshing beverage or a bite off a citrusy popsicle, “CU Again” is a cool, soothing break willing to thirst your r&b quench. The synths and keys blended with the massaging bass go well with Underhill’s calming vocals. Produced by Kindness, who also worked with Blood Orange, Solange, and Robyn, the track could very well be the cure to any bad moment. It’s minimal r&b with electronic overtones, and you can’t go wrong with that combination.

“One thing I really like about this song is that it is left open ended who the song is being sung for.  It’s about the universal feeling of missing someone and that could be a platonic or romantic relationship.  To me, the song invites you as the listener to also become the singer of the song, the protagonist, to sing along if you have ever felt the feeling of missing somebody that means a lot to you,” said Underhill about the song, in a press release sent to The Violet Wave.

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