Feature Song | CROATIA | Make Circles

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Have you ever had a synth-heavy track blanket you in such comfort the way that a midnight breeze does to you? This is how CROATIA’s “Make Circles” made us feel, and we’re surrendering without arguing.

It’s been a while since a song made us feel this fuzzy, and it’s probably the multi-layered thick synth treatment of the track that brought the feeling in. The synth-pop group from British Columbia said that the meaning of the song is something we can relate to, especially if we’re used to those awkward romantic moments that we usually see in cheesy rom-coms.

“‘Make Circles’ is a song celebrating the ridiculous and cliché moments of intimacy that we often end up in despite our best efforts, and the potentially beautiful outcomes that they might offer.” said the band.

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