Feature Song | Cosmo Pyke | Chronic Sunshine

With today’s overly saturated pool of “experimental” acts, Cosmo Pyke strikingly stands out with his track, “Chronic Sunshine.”

The young Londoner blends his attractive r&b vocal style with a brilliant blues and jazzy arrangement, making “Chronic Sunshine” hard to resist. You can already tell that the song has style and flair just within the first few seconds and it goes all throughout the end, especially when the tempo changes in the hook. Towards the end, he spits some bars with his raspy tune, giving even more variation to the already beautifully complex track.

Cosmo Pyke, also the musician’s real name (yes, we’d love to meet his parents), is also a skater, model, and a multi-instrumentalist. Also, we’d like to find out what people are feeding their children in the UK these days, because young musicians from that side of the world are bursting with so much defined talent (listen: Yellow Days, “That Easy” to hear our point) already.

Listen to Chronic Sunshine here:

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