Feature Song | Cones | Back In The Brain


– by The Violet Wave Staff –

LA-based brothers Jonathan and Michael Cohen, known in the music world as Cones, come in a great package. Jonathan is an acclaimed animator with pop sensibilities while Michael is a classically trained musician; and together, their brains work in wonderful ways to make charming indie rock with tantalizing animated music videos. Their song, “Back In The Brain,” is a testament to this.

Jonathan’s whimsical approach to music is the perfect match to Michael’s atmospheric and layer-heavy technicalities, and “Back In The Brain” is a melodic wonder that reminds us of many good things, such as groovy synth pop. Aside from the song’s trippy animated music video, Jonathan has made videos for indie wonders, Toro Y Moi, and Delicate Steve.

“A friend of mine once described living alone as a sensation of being constantly inside of your own brain – your house is your head. After a while I realized I would often think the phrase “back in the brain” upon returning home from being out, so we turned it into a song. It’s my ode to solitude. The animation, drawn and colored by hand, brings this idea to life. Through the eyes of Bob the Hippie — an extremely groovy dude who lives inside of a lava lamp — we witness the magical confusion of seclusion,” said Jonathan, in a post by Stereogum.

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