Feature Song | Come The Spring | For What It’s Worth

– By Camille Banzon, Music Editor –

There are some doors in the past that open up an era of memories. Music triggers sudden nostalgic attacks, and “For What It’s Worth” by Brightonalt rock group, Come The Spring brought me back to my college days.

The track made me remember the angsty, loud, and complex preference in music. It brought me to when I listened to post hardcore, during a time when I just graduated from listening to emo and post punk bands, to more melodic, atmospheric acts. Naturally, I liked Thrice, Glassjaw, At The Drive-In, and bands along those lines.

Though not as raging and intense sound-wise, “For What It’s Worth” made me think of these bands, and having to listen to a lot of music on a far sphere, it’s such a treat. I miss drowning in face-wrenching melodic guitar, thumping bass, and heady vocals, all in heavy and swaying concords. One can’t deny the musicianship of Come The Spring; they sound like they have a firm grasp of what they’re doing with a lush mixture of post rock and hardcore.

Come the Spring is set to release their album called Echoes, on March 2018 under Engineer Records.

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