Feature Song | Che Lingo | Feet Your Feelings

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Che Lingo has become one of our favorite rappers, and there’s a reason behind that. His upbeat, soulful style is something that we don’t hear often, and his new single, “Feet Your Feelings” is a perfect example of this vibe.

Che Lingo’s low tone goes well with the song’s “Soulful House” sound. It’s the kind of track that will uplift a boring party vibe; it will make you dance with your eyes closed and your feet shuffling to the beat. And according to the artist, making people dance is what the song is about.

“Dancing is like second nature to my friends, family & culture. It’s just how we express ourselves. I wanted to make a song that gives us all the room in the world for that rather than just a reason to jump up and down.”

The song will be included in Che Lingo’s second EP called “Charisma.”




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