Feature Song | Carmody | Ways Of Your Love

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

The sheer touch of an afternoon sunset breeze. The shy glance of an admirer. The warm embrace of a cold night. These are some of the things we feel when we listen to Carmody’s “Ways Of Your Love.”

Carmody’s voice is not only spellbinding, but it also has a calming effect, like how the sound of the waves crash onto shore. The simple arrangement serves as emotional ornaments to the striking beauty of her tone, with the piano and guitar plucking shining the most.

“I wanted to write about the electricity you can have with someone even though youhave nothing in common,” says Carmody, in a release sent to The Violet Wave. Carmody wrote the song at home, giving it the purpose to represent the strong emotions one feels when falling for someone, even if it doesn’t feel completely right.

“Go where your body takes you, sometimes,” added the London-based musician.

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