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A slow, somber track, Cape Francis’ “Iditarod” is a stripped down tale of finding answers on a doubtful journey while dealing with absence.

We all have those “lost” and “lonely” moments, and there are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of songs, artworks, and poems dedicated to this kind of humbling moment. Cape Francis captured this familiar feeling of pain and yearning through “Iditarod,” especially with these lyrics (wait, grab a tissue):

“I want to be Impossibly/ Carved from all my failures/ But left standing on my feet/ For, all I could see/ In some Iditarod/ With nothing left behind me/ I’ll keep pictures to remind me,” honestly and painfully writes Kevin Olken Henthorn, former vocalist of Stone Cold Fox.

Reminiscent of Ben Folds and Chris Carrabba’s solo work, Henthorn presents a calming range in his vocals in his first project with Cape Francis, as if really pushing listeners to sit down and explore this tale with him. Henthorn uses piano and percussions to tell this story, and his process couldn’t be any better.

“It was a big departure from my past work and felt like the most honest thing I had done. In previous projects, I had really struggled with ignoring the outside noise and simply saying what I felt and observed. But in this song, I was really able to speak my mind, no matter how long it took to say,” said Henthorn, in an interview published by The Wild Honey Pie.

Powerful and subtle at the same time, Iditarod is definitely worth a listen. Check it out below.



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