Feature Song | Born Ruffians | Miss You

– By Camille Banzon, Music Editor –

An example of a timeless indie track in the making, “Miss You” by Born Ruffians gives us good hope that indie music in 2018 will be nothing short of stellar.

Last year, we featured the band’s quirky music video for “Forget Me,” and ever since then, we’ve been fans of the 4-man band from Ontario. Their new single, “Miss You,” is off their upcoming album, “Uncle, Duke & The Chief” due out on February 16.

Member Luke Lalonde says that “Miss You” was born from a voice memo on his phone some years back.

“I found this old voice memo on my phone from 2015 called ‘I miss you so much baby’, It was just the chorus of ‘Miss You’ with vocal and piano, very early 60s vibe. I guess I just heard it on the right night when I had a guitar at hand and the rest of the song came very quickly,” says Lalonde.

“I think the narrator is a mix of pure ego and emotional suffering. He thinks the people walking by him on the sidewalk actually care about him, or are paying attention to him. This guy is sort of full of himself but he’s proud of his pain and his longing, he feels like it elevates him somehow and he wants to show it off.”

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