Feature Song | Blushing | Weak

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

“Weak” from dream pop act, Blushing has all the nostalgic sound and qualities of 90’s shoegaze, and we love every minute of it.

Melodic, tranquil, and slender in sound, “Weak” offers enough fuzz to keep the hairs on your back standing for a while. It’s simple but not straightforward at all, and it presents the kind of mystery that your ears would want to uncover day in and day out. Aside from the calming vocals, the guitars and drums work in harmony to present a spellbinding escape.

Blushing is a four-piece act made up of two spouses, and their story makes the perfect rom-com musical. Michelle and Christina have been friends for a long time and started sharing their passion for music in 2015. With Christina picking up the bass, the duo formed rough tracks into proper compositions. It wasn’t long until the two recruited their husbands (Jake on drums and Noe on lead guitar), and on January 2017, the band released their independent EP called “Tether.”

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