Feature Song | Ben Stevenson | Yellow Bird

– by The Violet Wave Staff –

Imagine you’re all alone, heavily tripping on acid (or something). And then the usual mind expeditions happen. Suddenly, you think about the things that you haven’t thought about before, like this thing called “freedom” that you’re experiencing at the moment: as in like the freedom that led you into tripping out freely.

Maybe that’s what happened when Ben Stevenson had the idea to write “Yellow Bird,” a slow, melodic number from his album, Cara Cara. It’s more than a typical kumbaya hippie anthem, the verses, the hook and the chorus are all very appealing, and listening to it is similar to the feeling after you’ve taken a sedative.

“I wrote my new song “Yellow Bird” in the California desert high above Joshua Tree where i was working with Adam Pavao in his desert hideaway studio. I feel the expanse of the land in the song, a song about freedom. It’s about realizing that reality is undefined, not fixed, and to experience liberation you have to rid yourself of attachment and expectation,” said Stevenson, in a statement sent to The Violet Wave.

Listen to this mellow tune below:

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