Feature Song | BANADU | Reason Why


– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Do you ever feel like being in an eternal tropical state? Because BANADU’s “Reason Why” is making us feel like we should be in party shirts with piñacoladas by the beach, all day everyday.

The synths, playful guitar licks and layers are triumphant in this track, and it drowns you in a way that you will surrender. The track is almost ethereal and trip-inducing, and it brings you back to reality just when you need to be sane again. There’s not a lot of songs that can carry out this effect, and BANADU has perfected dream pop in a fine, fine way. Even if you’re stuck in the city, you will instantly be teleported into a sunny seaside, in a stress free situation, and that’s the kind of life we all dream about.

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