Feature Song | Apartment | Rubēhill

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Alex Stavropoulos-Laurie sent us an e-mail, explaining in detail his nature as a musician and the inspiration behind the song. He explained that like many other musicians out there, he struggled to find his true voice, and now that he has found it, he’s proud to present his project, Rubēhill, to the world.

Rubēhill, inspired by the main character in Flannery O’Connor’s short story, A Stroke of Good Fortune, creates an eccentric mix of sound in “Apartment,” his first single. Inspired by drumbeats from LCD Soundsystem and Lucious, the track was created in four months.

“It was unrelatable to anything I had previously written, and it required a certain amount of stubbornness to stick with,” said Rubēhill.

While the song starts slow and almost typical, it gets more interesting after the 1 minute-mark. It suddenly gets a change of pace and savvy guitar licks and groovy bass lines.

“Lyrically, “Apartment” is about being trapped in a purgatory of thought, feeling simultaneously anxious about the past and the future. I felt this way after moving into a small apartment in the city, which physically embodied my anxiety,” added the musician.


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