Feature Song | Annachristie Sapphire | Cut The Line

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Here’s something different: a bluesy Americana-folk track called “Cut The Line” by singer-songwriter, Annachristie Sapphire.

“You are a fish unable to be caught” sings Annachristie, on the track that is about “fishing for love” (finally, a song about all of us when we’re too shy or timid to profess our love and affection). We rarely ever feature Americana-folk type songs, but this one is good enough to get our attention.

This woman’s tone is truly something special. She has a kind of huskiness that’s bluesy and mesmerizing. Her soulfulness brings light in many ways, and the melody is reminiscent of the 50’s, with an atmospheric landscape that will lull you in.



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