Feature Song | Andrew Samuel | Luck Feels Good

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

It’s a dull night and there’s nothing much to do other than check this “house party” that your friend invited you to. At first, it seems like a great idea: to partake in some tipsy socializing, until you get there and it’s the worst party ever: there are no more drinks, it’s filled with arrogant drunks, and only has the worst finger food you can imagine.

You try your best to keep it together and act normal, but it’s such a waste of time that you just lower your expectations so giving up isn’t so hard. Just when you’re about to flip the table, something unexpected happens. You meet someone so amazing that it turns the entire experience upside down and make it an unexpected swing of luck.

“Luck Feels Good” by Sydney-based musician Andrew Samuel is a recollection of this kind of experience. It’s upbeat and optimistic, and definitely a good listen when you come across seemingly hopeful situations. It will definitely give you a glimmer of hope, especially when there’s no more drinks.


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