Feature Song | Alexander Biggs | Figure It Out

– by The Violet Wave Staff –

“Figure It Out” from Melbourne folk singer, Alexander Biggs is bringing us back to early 2000’s indie, when emotions and guitar layers are on utmost peak.

Less than 3 minutes long, the song, “Figure It Out” could be a curt anthem for the emotional (and yet satisfying)  distress usually felt during your early twenties, or thirties, depending where you are in life. The song is easy to love, especially if it can help you cope.

If you hear and feel the song hard enough, it would almost seem like you’re caught smack in the middle of a love triangle between Tom and Summer of 500 Days of Summer. It’s definitely has the makings of an indie folk classic, for sure.

Plus, it has a cute video that features Alexander Biggs getting frustrated with his lemonade stand venture, simply implying that things just don’t work out the way we intend them to be (so you need to figure it out).

Listen to “Figure It Out” here, and watch the video while you’re at it.


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