Feature Song | 27 | Innocent Lovers

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Feel the spark of a forgotten love ignite right in front of you with 27’s “Innocent Lovers.”

Reminiscent of Mazzy Star and The Sundays, “Innocent Lovers” blends a beautiful mix of emotive pop rock with escalating highs and calming lows. It’s a nostalgic track for all the right reasons, and listening to this song is a like entering a common room filled with the teenage versions of ourselves. Only this time, we step in with a familiar smile that only happens when good memories from the past suddenly win over.

“Innocent Lovers” has elements of garage rock, with a pop sensibility and intricate arrangement, and it makes us feel good enough to do a dance. We’ve always been fans of 27, and this new track is definitely something far from their trip-hop infused tracks. Nevertheless, it highlights the band’s ability to cross over genres without losing their signature sound.

In a post by No Echo, Mind Over Matter rep Austin Kihn described the song beautifully:

“Maria Christopher’s vocals are pulled beautifully to the forefront of the track while the rhythm section effortlessly waltzes underneath the melody; if you close your eyes, you can almost imagine swaying along with your first love…maybe last week, maybe a lifetime ago,” said Austin Kihn of Mind Over Matter Records about the track. Aside from the 7”, Mind Over Matter Records will release 27’s upcoming album in 2018 (pre-order the full album via this link).

“Innocent Lovers” will be officially released on January 5, and you can order the rare 7″ here.




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