Feature Song | 1979 | Anxiety (In The Depths of Northern Ontario)

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

After the sudden loss of founding member and bassist Cameron Glen Cranston, 1979 decided to release their last existing single before calling it quits.

With a slow guitar pace, throbbing effects and drums that act as sudden hits of lightning on a dark sky, “Anxiety (In The Depths of Northern Ontario) is a sobering track to give answers on doubtful moments. 1971 full-heartedly brands this song as Cameron’s, and that it was written for him during a difficult period when he was still around.

With traces of shoegaze and punk, the song is a well-deserved pound to the chest that will leave beautiful memories behind once you listen to it.

“We’re glad we have ‘his’ song, even though it’s hard to listen to sometimes,” wrote 1979, in a release sent to The Violet Wave. The song is included in the band’s last EP called “No Matter Where You Go, There You Are.”

The post-punk group from Winnipeg has been around since 2011, with roots of basement jams and DIY recordings. The three founding members are intensely close-knit, from growing up together to trying to squeeze in the Winnipeg punk scene.

“Cameron was a great musician and an inspiration to a lot of people he knew. He deserves to be heard and remembered.”


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