#SignedbyTrump, by Aria Watson

– by Wendy Morley –
likeshitThere are just about as many reasons to create art as there are artists, but arguably one of the most important reasons is to make a statement that calls out the unpleasant or even untenable reality of the current situation, whether focusing on the political, economical or societal. Speaking out. That is what artists do.

Aria Watson, just two weeks too young to vote in the exceedingly divisive US election in November, was appalled at the outcome. She responded in the loudest and most appropriate way she could: with her art.

In this series, created for her Introduction to Photography final at Clatsop Community College in Oregon, Aria has taken just a few of the statements Trump has made about women, written these statements on women’s bodies and photographed them. This simple composition serves to highlight the physical and emotional pain wrought by these words, aimed at once toward the individual woman and women in general. They appear almost as bruises.

Aria used mainly friends and family as models, keeping them anonymous mainly so they might appear as “any woman” to viewers. She posted on both Facebook and Instagram, but her posts were removed. [Again and again, art is silenced while marketing and objectification are encouraged.]

Her Tumbler post, shown here, has close to 100,000 notes as of posting.

Aria has partnered with The Outrage to release a collection of #SignedByTrump merchandise.

15% of profits will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in Donald’s name.

Follow Aria on Instagram @a.riawatson

All photographs © Aria Watson



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