Raw Haze: 5 Psych Garage Acts You Need to Listen To Right Now

– by Camille Banzon, Music Editor –

There’s just something unique about the listening to psychedelic rock and garage rock, and when blended together, it’s a surefire trip to a heavy and colorful corner of the mind.

We posted songs from psychedelic and garage acts that we’re currently into. We’ve shared tracks from Cape Town’s Sol Gems, The Babe Rainbow from Byron Bay, Panthermilk from Utah, New Zealand’s Full Moon Fiasco, and a bunch of other bands that titillate our “always-willing-to-trip-out” brains and ears. I’ve been spending a lot of time listening to other psych garage rock bands from all over, and here are some that are worth mentioning so you could beef up your playlists.


Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets has to be one of my favorite psych rock acts from Perth. Their sound is so energetic that if a ball of fire had sound, it would be their music. Their songs rely heavily on melodies and jarring riffs that braid well with Jack McEwan’s drippy vocal style. The four-piece absolutely kills it live, and it’s almost like they’re forcing their audience to jump in on this one hell of a heady trip.

Listen to: Marmalade March, Surf’s Up


California’s Meatbodies banks on a heavy garage sound mixed with psychedelic rock elements, and it’s the perfect recipe for a headbanging good time. There’s a lot of variety in their sound, and all of it make for some really awesome tracks. Also, the album cover for their self-titled 2014 album is a trippy image that’s perfect as your next screensaver.

Listen to: Disorder, Kings



 Also from Perth, Pond has a more relaxed sound compared to the two bands I mentioned earlier. There’s a little bit of electro elements in the songs, and it could even pass as easy listening. The melodies are adorned with synths and even touches of new wave, which is pretty interesting.

Listen to: Sweep Me Off My Feet


Bass Drum of Death

John Barret plays the drum and his bass guitar at the same time and calls his act Bass Drum of Death. The name itself got me all enticed, and even more when I listened to his song called “Velvet Itch” that reminded me so much of a heaver The White Stripes with better singing vocals. “I talk to Elvis in my sleep,” sings Barret in the song that has the exciting rawness of garage with tinges of psych.

Listen to: Velvet Itch


Melody’s Echo Chamber

French musician Melody Prochet is the woman behind the spacey, dream pop, neo-psychedelia sound of Melody’s Echo Chamber, and it’s love at first listen. While she might not exactly fall under the psych garage genre, but she deserves a mention because I still love this kind of psychedelic rock.  Her take on psychedelia is warm and fuzzy, like a wool sweater that will make you see and hear colorful things when you try it on.

Listen to: Some Time Alone, Alone

Camille Banzon is the music editor of The Violet Wave. After years of covering music festivals, concerts and reviewing albums, she decided to move to a tropical surf island, where she runs a hostel and lives off of coconuts, bikinis, and streaming. Her work on music writing can be seen in FHM Philippines, Pacifiqa, Coconuts Manila, 8list, and Amplify.ph. She likes groovy basslines, clean waves, and stinky cheese.

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