Feature Video | The Pressure Kids | Team

Nashville indie rockers, The Pressure Kids, release their latest music video, “Team” and it takes you on a nostalgic ride to their younger years.

The Pressure Kids presents a fun storyline with their music video for Team, one of the two singles that the band released in preparation for their upcoming album that will be released later this year. The video shows the band members picked actors to play as their younger, high school selves.

“We knew that we wanted to create a storyline-driven music video, and became excited by the idea of flipping the high school nerd gets made over; cliche on its head a little bit. We drew directly from our adolescent selves: Zach really did wear eyeliner, Allan loved his Ibanez, Nick ate waffles every day after school, Justin wore out his skater apparel, Katy sported the exact same SNL Lazy Sunday; t-shirt,” said the band, in an official release.







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